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Rj8100 problems


New Member
Hi! All.

New to the forums. We purchase a Rj8100 and the company that sold the machine folded up. We do not have a technical manual for this, so I would be grateful if someone could tell me where to get one.

Also, our machine starts up with a "HEad OVercurrent" error. We have checked all cable, heads etc but still no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Color Dude

New Member

What is the number Error you are getting on the control panel? or, does it just say Head Overcurrent?


New Member
Head overcurrent (E075) errors are typically:

Bad connection (somewhere between motherboard and head)
Bad cable (somewhere between motherboard and head)
Bad head
Bad CR board
Bad motherboard

Could be any or all of these.