Rockhopper 2 How to change ink set CMYKLMLC to 2 x CMYK?


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I intend to change the ink setting cmyklmlc to 2 x CMYK.(for speed)

Is there anyone who has done it on a Rockhopper 2, and has some great tips
for me. Or step by step?


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This is the best way to run this printer. It will print faster and I think the color control is much better. I believe you can change this setting in the parameters menu.

You will have to perform a headwash to make this change.


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If your printer is smart chip enabled, you can just put in original Mutoh cartridges in the correct order and the printer should configure itself.

If your printer is smart chip disabled, you need to enter the hidden menu, enter a 4 digit code, then select the inkset you want to use.


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Thank you all for the help.

Tried F2 and arrow down , but no luck.

How to enter the hidden menu and what code would that be ?