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Roland 300 Ink Pumps

Bob 67

New Member
I was contacted today by my Roland rep asking when he would be able to come by and change my pump as Roland has developed a "better pump" . I asked him if it was a recall and he replied "no, just a better pump" The deal was that if it is under warranty there is no charge but with no warranty the part is free but the trip and labor must be paid.( has there been troubles with the pumps?) Im going to contact roland regarding this but was curious if anyone else has been contacted.

Thanks. Bob


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We had the exact same conversation with our rep last week. He's going to be replacing a part next week that's going to require tearing the whole printer apart. While he was in there, he suggested putting in a new pump, as they have improved it somehow. We're out of warranty, so it would be cheaper to do it while he's already in there. He also said that the pump is a common problem, and that they can go out in less than a year. We've had our printer since April '05 and are still going strong on the original unit, and it was a refurb.
We told him not to worry about it for now. I guess it's up to you if you want to go for it or not. I'd hate to be in the middle of a job and have it take a dump on us, but at the same time, our rep is very responsive, and we already have an extra pump on hand. (one of the new ones)



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we got a new 540 not too long ago that had the newer pump stock. the old pumps were not bad quality, they are just too weak to pump the ESmax inks. they get overworked and fail.

AllSquare Jason

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These pumps are the same that come in the new XC-540 Pro III. They will be retrofitted to fit into existing VersaCamms. New VersaCamms will also start shipping with the new pump this month.


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i have a 540v and had no problems with it. but when the my rep, came to change my color conversion(reg inks to max inks) the pumps went out with in a few days. so the old pumps where not strong.
changed them, and have had no problems.
(exept that the cutter wont cut right!)

mark in tx

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The pump is a new replacement from Roland. The pump itself is no charge but there is a labor charge to install it.
I think its worth it.


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Hi every one.
My SP-540V bought 14 month ago. It's start leaking the Magenta color at the gear pump.
I looking to buy the new pump for this model. Any one know where? part number? Thanks for recommend.


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we got a call from our dealer about a month ago.. We have had no work done or problems with the machine forall the time we had it.. but.. He suggested he come out and do mainance and change the pump as they have been having problems..
Well when he got here and check it.. low and behold our pump had been leaking a slow leak we had not noticed yet..(thank god) as it would have made a big mess. The minute he took that part off you could see the magneta ink all over.. .. so looks like he got here in the neck of time..
we only paid for the time of the check up.. the pump was free. and altho he was at the shop longer we only had to pay for one hour of time.. .. It was money well spent..


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OK, this is a really old thread.
The Roland Pumps were replaced quite a while ago. You should get the firmware update at the same time.
Gotta go..the wife has invited me into the shower.......;..