Roland 540 print problem,


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Printing banners with the 540 and in the middle of the print, the machine goes to cancelling, no new directions from rip computer, just does it on its own. Lights flash busy and cancelling after 10 minutes I pushed the power button and got an internal error of 1300874 (first time) turned it back on and the 540 started up on its own, but layed down a solid swath of colors across the banner, hit cancel, and stopped. Resent the banner, printing great 2/3 of way thru same situation, now a new error code of 1670462.
Restarted everything and started a 3rd time and we printed a 5' banner, no problems till the end of the banner, then we got a set up error, would not let me cancel, only way was to turn off main power for a minute and turn back on. (did get a good print though)

Anyone else have this problem come up, new one to us.


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reboot-computer-re-save-as eps re-rip.... some times files are are no good from the get-go


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Tried that, after 3rd print, printed a small vinyl sign, got the ink warning so we changed the cartridge and figured maybe something was connected to the ink system. Just a few minutes after we changed out the cartridge same problem again, grrrrrrr. Shut down for the night, and will talk to Roland tech in the am.
I had that happened to me when I use to print with the CJ-500, I was ripping with Flexi at the time. Then my tech told me to use Roland's Colour Choice and the problem went away.


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Called and gave the codes to the Roland Tech, he had not seen this problem before, nor did he know what the codes were. We then shut down the printer at the main power for about 30 minutes and did a complete clean. After we turned it back on ran some print tests and went back to printing. Printed all day today with no problems. It appears that turning off the main power for 10 - 30 minutes clears its brain. Also cleaned encoder strip and optic eye for the encoder. Thanks David for the 10 minute test.


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Hello, I have the same problem and I just wanted to ask you, if the problem has shown up again or if it disappeared


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latent static charge

seems that this line of printers has latent static issues. i've helped a couple of people get there sp's and vp's going and it was many times static charge.

in the future, to completely disperse of all static charge in the machine do this in this order. you won't need to leave the machine off for 10 minutes or over night.


turn it off from the front, turn it off from the back, unplug the back, press the front power button four times slowly (press count to 2, press count to 2, etc). this eliminates all the charge from the machine. some main boards have capacitors that are designed to store electricity. by pressing the front power you pull power out of the machine. my mimaki's front button will light up green about 2 times before going dark, unplugged, to show you when the static charge is gone.

also, anytime you get gibberish (especially long or short bars of a single color), that is a sign of a data issue, long streaks that end intermittently is usually a fried print head. my printer was very periodically printing little 1x2 rectangles for weeks before it nuts. the diagnosis was a loose data ribbon at the black head. so that's a heads up if you see that kind of issue. check for ink leaks into ribbon inlets, loose data cables, and bent over data cable leads). when checking completely power down your machine as if you were changing a head.

i attached a pic of the ribbon issue when it went nuts.


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