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Roland Camm-1 cm-24


New Member
Just got this cutter and not sure if it is working right. :help:

Here's what it does:
I turn it on, press Setup, this then moves the blade along the vinyl to determine it's length and then goes to the origin point.

It goes almost the full length, then returns to an origin point about 7inchs before the end of the vinyl. The total length I can move the blade along 24inch vinyl is about 13 inchs.

I know how to change an origin point but it will not let me go any closer to the right then it already has. Or any further left than 2-3 inchs from the end of the track.

Anyone know what my problem is?

I am using Flexi Pro 7.6, Xp PC and the serial port. (though none of this should matter)

Thank you.


New Member
Found the answer

OK, this will be obvious to those using a Roland. This is my first.

I had the pinch rollers set too close. Apparently, the cutter reads the width of the vinyl by the rollers location, so, it only cuts between the rollers.

I know the rollers go at the edges but my last cutter was so sh**** that it would always go off track, so I always set the rollers closer in.

By, the way, I got a great cutter for sale. LOL