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Roland camm 24 (cutter) not cutting well


New Member
I have a roland camm24 but has some problem cutting properly, does anyone know any technician for roland cutters? I live in miami, fl ...


Some of the fine people here may be able to help you fix the problem yourself if you'd care to elaborate a little more on the problems your having. There are several things that can cause cut quality problems. Some of them can be an easy fix, if nothing else matbe you can narrow it down and be able to tell the tech the things you've tried.

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
Maria- feedback required please!

What was wrong?
How did you fix it?

(so that the answer can be of benefit to others in the future with the same problem...)


New Member
I too am having cut troubles with my Roland Camm 24... blade drags on some curves and certain straight cuts? any advice on perhaps an adjustment or cleaning that may help? I'm losing alot of vinyl to re-work...any assistance would be greattly appreciated....