Roland FJ 50 dx2 head wash


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Every get some good info from a post or private message and sorta scratch your head and go hummmmmmmm. Well when I was told to wash my clogged print heads I sorta went hummmm.. Then I gave it the good old college try and wala... Here is what I did to clear some Roland FJ50 print heads.

1. Use a mixture of carpet cleaner and water. Yep carpet cleaner.. I sat the print head in the shallow mix for about 20 minutes.
2. I went to a local pharmacy and got a medicine dropper and filled it with some of the solution. I then placed the dropper over each print head nipple and forced the solution through it.
3. In the video you can see there is AIR from the dropper flowing through the print heads where before there was not.

To be fair these heads were electronically sound but not print worthy so un clogging them was really just an exercise in following good advice.


My son and I are still working on our Large Format printer project and in time we will get there. He is 8 and we love working on this project together.

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yeah that stuff is great. i like to use the bissel hard floor cleaner. all aqueous cleaner's are basically distilled water and surfactant. the floor cleaners are non-sudsing surfactant.