Roland GX 24 not accurately following Cut lines

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Hi Im using a GX 24 with CS5 Illustrator plugin, I'm having issues with crop mark cutting.

Ive checked the size of my printout vs what I have on screen which are identical, however for example if I draw a solid box and use the crop marks when it cuts, it cuts the left hand side spot on, however the right hand cut is 2/3 mm to the left of the cut line.

Ive checked all the settings and have tried different cutting blades etc ...

Im stumped and have a job to get out and dont know what to try next.

I cant find anything to do with calibration etc

Any help would be much appreciated :)


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I have two simple questions for you: -What has changed since the cutter last worked properly? -Have you checked the the teflon strip, aka blade protection strip for dings, cuts, and grooves? Run your index finger along the length of the strip, feeling for the dings, cuts, and grooves.