roland gx-24

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downloaded latest update from sai flexi, since then the orientation on the cutter is messed up, always cuts straight even if I change it to cutting sideways...…..spoke with sai they said its the cutter not the software any one that can help please?


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Did you try and rotate the cutter orientation on the cutter itself? Sai is weird sometimes. My GX640 cuts 90 degrees out from my smaller rolands. I called them and got the "we get the settings for the driver from the MFG". Funny thing is before I upgraded to the cloud and was running FS8.6 I had to make my own driver that ran the cutter fine in the proper orientation. With the new Flexi, I cant even find the csm files to edit.


does the gx24 have a setting that toggles, like some of the hp's

software settings supercede plotter

plotter settings supercede software

perhaps the software update "broke" that setting?