Roland Gx500 usb connect issue


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Hi guys, need help.

I have a roland camm1pro gx 500. Connecting to usb has become an issue, I get a "device descriptor failure" error.

Basically it becomes an unrecognized usb device. Iv tried 3 different windows 10 PC's, 2 different known working usb cables, same issue.

The gx500 does not show up in windows pri ter list.
Anyone come across this issue.

The machine was cutting fine last week.

Any ideas.


if you are incredibly lucky, you may need to identify the usb chassis mount jack and purchase onevon digi-key orvnewark electronics. an electronic tech can changebit for you. someonevfrom a tv or vcr repair shop (i had a vcr repair facility 25 years ago, do they still exist? )

if not so lucky, someone like kent from mac media can identify and change the usb interface ic.

of course, you can purchase a system board, but this is considerably more expensive than the first 2 suggestions


i have never touched a gx 500, but i just downloaded the manual
you have a 25 pin serial port
get a usb to serial adapter. it will still be a pain setting up,the port settings, but will probably only cost you $50 US

you also need a db9 female to db25 male adapter or cable

i can help you match settings port to machine defaults. this is good news, probably save $1500 - $2000 instead of changing system board. serial ports are very resilient, not really static sensitive

i assume south africa has amazon, not sure about prime 2 day shipping

serial settings are evil the first time you do them, but i can help


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So i also downloaded the service manual, got the pinouts for the serial cable. setup the ports as directed in the manual.

so i send a sticker setup with a panel size of 1190mmx300mm, set fine and fast for the two rows (roughly 150mm in the feed axis), then slows down.

almost as if the cutter is struggling to process the data and cut a the same time.

You think using a usb to serial adapter in conjunction with the serial cable would help?


no. if it started the job, you are just fine. we need to match the serial port settings.
most likely flow control. the program (and operating system) needs to send small pieces of a large job tmthe plotter buffer, it neds to know when the buffer is full, (flow control) when it is ready for more and it has to stay "in sync"

in windows 10, you need tongo to device manager, choose the com port, choose properties, then advanced. in your manual, the settings will be somethings like
9600 (speed)
8 (bits)
none (or 1)
flow control is hardware control, x on/x off or none

page 78 of the user manual shows that there are not defaults on the gx500, these settings are selectable from the control panel. you will have to scroll through, write them down, and set the pc's port settings to match

if you pm me, i will assist if i can


once you match those couple settings, all will be fine
in older operating systems (windows xp for example) i believe you needed to reboot pc to load new settings. for a com port. theyare loaded on boot up. i restart after change couldn't hurt


StandardRS-232C specifications
Transmission methodAsynchronous, duplex data transmission
Transmission speed4800, 9600 (Selected using panel keys.)Parity checkOdd, Even, or None (Selected using panel keys.)Data bits7 or 8 bits (Selected using panel keys.)
Stop bits1 or 2 bits (Selected using panel keys.
)HandshakeHardwire (power on) or XON/XOFF (Selected using panel keys.)
9-3 Interface Specifications[Serial][USB]


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Thanks netsol, that looks like its sorted now.
Iv had a lot of experience with Mimaki and finecut, this is my first encounter with Roland.

having messed around with CUT STUDIO these past weeks im not impressed at all.

I cant find the equivalent the functionality i would have used daily on Finecut. Eg:

I typically do my sticker design in coreldraw, counters and registration marks(or crop marks as roland calls them) from the Cut Studio plugin.
I send the Print file to my Printers Rip, then i send the lines and Crop Marks to cut studio,
Suddenly the Crop marks/Registration Marks are offset from the original coreldraw setup.
That means my print and cut are not aligning.

Add insult to injury, when i try to do multiple copies in Cut Studio, it only multiplies the Contour lines, not the Registration Marks.

I dont have a clue what im doing wrong.( at this point im staring deeply at the 18 pound hammer on my shelf, imagining interesting ways for the roland and it to hookup, lol)


i was very impressed how quickly you pick up on this
lots of people reach for the hammer setting up rs232 serial equipment

one thing is still bugging me. we may need to verify SCALING.

what i mean by that is, if you had cut a 1" square with usb interface x1d, Y1d, x-1d, y-1
then connected rs232, would the same job be exactly 1.000". ?

i have it in my head there was an adjustment, we sometimes.had to do. not sure if i am mixing up roland with another brand.

i will try to acquire a service manual


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I cut my teeth on serial devices in my teens, circa 1990.

I didn't see an issue with scaling, although I once had an issue like that on a summacut D520. Had to recalibrate.

I still cant wrap my head around this cut studio issue. And how bad it is.

Roland is not exactly a cheap brand here. At the Print expos they always have the biggest presence.
For me they don't live up to their legendary status.

Unless the is a tool panel I'm missing somewhere.