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Roland Ink Cartridge - Printer will not recognize OEM Cartridge?


New Member
I have a brand new Roland EOM cyan Ink cartridge (220ml) and the printer would not recognize it. I tried cleaning the gold color contacts, but it still would NOT work. I inserted a different Cyan ink cartridge and it works fine.

So, my question is, has anyone else dealt with this issue before? And if so is there any way to make the cartridge work so I don't want the ink?



Active Member
I was having the same issue. You may have to shim the cartridge. What I ended up doing was taking the cover off to see what was going on and to do some cleaning. I removed a metal tab/spring over the Cyan slot and noticed it sitting on top of the printer after I replaced the cover. Been working fine ever since.

VanderJ said after a lot of use things can move slightly causing the sensor to not make good contact.