Roland pc-60,print head


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Hello All,
Just wondering if anyone knows if there is any truth to people saying you can not get replacment print heads for the pc-60 anymore?
would like to know as we just got our pc-60 up and going.If that is the case we will look at a summa thermal.
Thanks for your time and comments

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Jim from CammTech which is an authorized Roland service center gives a lot of good advice on the Roland ColorCamm forum. I have noticed this issue being discussed there recently, I believe the printheads are available and that Cammtech is willing to send them out with installation instructions, there was a post there just the other day where Jim was saying that the PC-60 head replacement/calibration was a little more difficult than on the PC-600, you could do a search on Rolands forum or post your question there, I'm sure Jim or someone will respond, or here is a link for the Cammtech site.

and also Rolands.