Roland PC60


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Can anyone give me any info about this printer? eg. Age, problems, are parts and inks still available? Can these be used to print outdoor quality.



I've have one a bought used 3 years ago. It has a new print head ($850) and servo motor ($275). I use it for emergency jobs and once in a while I will print out a sample job. It is a good machine, just old technogly. I use Merchant Members on this site for my printing needs.

signguy 55

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Bought one back in '99, never have made any real money with it. Very expensive to run, slow, had to replace print head after a couple of years, mine now has another bad print head. I'm just keeping it for a backup plotter when my old Roland 960 dies. Technology has evolved tremendously since then, I'm sure you could still get the old ribbons. Quality of prints were good when I used it, ran it using Flexisign.

Signguy 55


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The PC60 is ribbon based printer. It uses both wax and thermal ink cartridges. The cost to print is about 8 cents a square inch - $1.15 sq / ft. It will cut / print up to 24" widths. It is a good solution for printing spot whites and foil colors like gold and silver. IMO -Because the cost to print is higher than an average solvent/inkjet - it is truely aimed at being a decal machine - The heads on these machine are vulnerable to being scratched and damaged by dirt / particles on the media you are printing on. I would not run this printer in a dusty production space - it needs to be in a controlled print room or office. The machine itself works very well. Last time I checked new head cost is $600.00 + install.