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Roland Pnc 1000 info


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Let me start by saying thank you for the great forum!!!

I have just been given a old Roland Cam1 pnc 1000 from a friend that has a sign business, But he no longer has any of the software that went along with this unit.

I run a Marina in Ohio and would like to use this to make registration numbers and Boat names for my customers along with In house sign production.

I have alot of computer know how and I am sure I can set the cutter up but I am not sure of a few things:

Software for cutting
Thickness of film that this unit can cut.

I would use this on a windows xp Pc but I also have Mac's that I use for Web and Print work. All of my Macs have Usb and firewire only.

I have seen many answers on this forum but I am not sure that they directly anwer my question.

Thank you for reading my post! Any info would be very helpful



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Welcome from PA. Do a search on here for your model plotter and you should find a lot of info. As far as design you could use Coreldraw and cut from it. There is also a lot of info on doing that with Roland plotters. Hope this helps you.


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corel for software, driver can be found on the net, or i can email it to you. you will get an ERROR message in the window on the plotter...IGNORE IT. it will cut all you need.
can do intermediate or HP vinyl.


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ok I got CorelDraw 12, got some vinyl, got the driver from roland site....

even got a error 15 when I hook up the plotter...

But I need a step by step set up guide and some help getting started.

I used my old Vaio laptop with a serial hook up to serial cord to the plotter. ( I have read that serial is better but I have no clue)
Useing xp home

If you could point me in the right direction It would be very Greatfull.

If anyone has a users manul (if you think it will help) please hook me up!

thanks again


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ca;; OP and have him guide you thruogh it all. Then send him a consultant fee for his trouble. Best way. PM him for contact. OldPaint He posted just above