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Roland pnc1100 and COREL12 can they get along?


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Hi and HELP!! (I would first like to say I searched the forums for about 4 hours before I placed this thread, if there is info about this post I COULDN"T FIND IT!! *sniff sniff*)

I am a newbee to the site and I am looking for information pertaining to the Roland pnc1100 24'' and the compatibility with COREL12. I am primarially an airbrush artist but at times I use masking techniques for projects that I had a local sign friend make for me. Well, he's getting a new system and I am buy the old plotter.
1. I wanted to know if the plotter can directly take a vector file from corelDRAW and then cut it, or does it need to be exported into a different format and program before it'll start cuttin'? I am currently using COREL7 but upgrading to 12 ASAP.
2. Also while I am asking, can or could the serial port be converted to a USB with a connector or some other creative duct taping trick?

I would gladly mail anyone a jelly donut (USPS flat rate envelope only) for info to this stumper. If this isn't the right forum (plotters) to ask this please redirect me to the place I belong or whom I should/could get in touch with.

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Okay.. sorry people.. after placing this thing i FIND enough to choke me.... where is that thread erase button.......okay.. hey I'll have to save this and bring it up at my 1000th post if I get that far.... well I can paint a helluva that search.

Ian Stewart-Koster

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where did you find the info you needed, and what did it say?
I'm asking for the benefit of another possible newbie who might type the same question here in six month's time, and do a search.

(P.S. There are lots of people here who could have answered that question though, but you have lots of variables there, too!)


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For anyone that is thinking about asking this questions I hope these helps
and this one,
the COREL threads are great, everyone is helpful but be ready to get your chops busted up a little... there is truth in everything that they post. Reading is the best teaching tool, cuz if you ain't still learning then its time to quit and pick out a casket!

OH, Thanks for the replies and welcomes :D