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hi, Im Mark from Philippines I was once posted here last august, but due to a very hectic schedule I seldom do make online liesure not unless if it so needed.By the way, thank you very much for accomodating me, im happy that I became one of your members here in this very useful and helpful site uve created,also I want to extend my warm thanks to all members here who were sharing ther knowledge sincerely and by heart,thank you very much. im not so well experience in this adversiting business,I would say its just a coencident that I acquired a business like this, but im very thankful to those who gave this to me if this a gift.I started from nothing until owning it and nurtured it,loving it & with courage to go on. Now, here I am willing and swear to share my full knowledge I have acquired to those who are in need. God bless us all. happy printing :)


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Welcome to the community Mark83
There's a lot of helpful info posted in the forums and lots of questions being asked as well. We hope you enjoy sharing your expertise.
Cheers. :welcome: