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hello.I hope you can help me.I have a roland sp 300v. It is my first printer. I think the printer doesn't print cleanly. If you look at the blue or black on the picture you can see it. icc profile. orafol 3551 orafol versaworks Greetings Andreas from Germany


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Hey Andreas, I would go here: and make sure you have the correct profile installed. Also, some of the SP300V printers (depending on year) had a head height lever on the left side of the print carriage. Might check to see if it's set to high or low. High setting (For thicker material like banner) can cause "grain" in a print. It's a little metal tab with a white plastic tip.

You might also try "Unidirectional" under the Quality tab/ Details. That may also clean up the image.

Hope this helps.
Those are difficult images to use to evaluate your issue. Please use the attached file and print and post pics. Many things can be evaluated with this image - color, alignment, etc. Print it in both uni & bidirectional please.
We need more info on your rip settings - print resolution, heater setting, etc.


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