roland sp540v, cuts sandblast mask?


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hey everyone, was wondering if anyone has ever tried cutting sandblast mask with an sp540v.... we're thinking about gettin one but would definitely need it to do this. thanks alot for any advice on this.

Mike Paul

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Why would you want beat up a finely tuned printer?

Pick up a separate/stand alone cutter.



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I'd never even consider it. I have a separate cutter for vinyl and sandblast mask. That stuff is heavy and has to be brutal on the pinch rollers, motor, etc. Don't know if you've ever seen repair prices on the printers but, I'd invest in a decently priced standalone cutter and let the printer do the printing.


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also, there's a lot of powder on the mask that would just annihilate your encoder strip, print heads, vacuums, sensors, etc.


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I do it all the time on my vp 540, the tech told me go ahead no problem & it works, I run the heater a little so it cuts easier, I haven't had any trouble yet, getting ready to cut some mask right after some prints,I don't see any powder