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Roland Stika 12" cutting too deep


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My OLD Roland Stika-12" is killing me. I mean besides the fact it is so old, cuts slow, and randomly cuts lines, or just stops mid job. I can't complain too much, it has done a lot for me and I just can't afford or justify an at home upgrade.

Yesterday though, it did something randomly wierd. I started cutting out a design, 10 of them with weeding border. My blade is always set-up to cut Avery intermediate (A6). WHen it was done, the blade had cut through the paper in some spots, consistantly in every one. It was mostly on the circles. I don't get it. I cut other designs, and it was at the perect depth.

Any ideas?

I am using sign mate software.


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when that happens out of the blue to me, it is always because a file (usually an import from another prog) has ended up with a duplicate copy placed right over each contour causing it to cut each character twice. many times I have sort of watched the plotter do this, & never noticed it going over things since i wasn't really watching as close as i thought.

John Yucca

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Blackbok.....Stika SX-12 Frustrations

I feel for you.....I also have a Stika SX-12. I used it a couple years then put it in the box then got it back out. When I hooked it back up I had a heck of a time cutting the most basic stencil.

When I sat down and thought about it I wondered what was different. What was different was the fact I was now using Win XP. I did EVERYTHING with the parallel port, speed, etc.

When I tried to uninstall the Roland Drivers there were like 3 or 4 copies of the stikamon.dll and rdcommon. WTF????

Got them uninstalled, reinstalled the driver.....success.

Next time.....same thing.

Just for an experiment I built up a Windows ME machine. Loaded the driver...No issues......None. Works perfect.

Hooked it up in the other room on an XP machine 5 minutes after confirming everything was okay and I couldn't cut anything. Actually I suspect it's SP2 rather than just Win XP.

Roland is horrible about updating the old drivers. I'm positive the XP drivers are problematic.