Roland V-540 Blue Banding


We are having trouble printing a solid 2x8 navy blue sign. It keeps banding. We've done a thorough cleaning, cyan alone prints fine, we previously did a solid red print and it printed's just the navy blue. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.


Depends on the type of banding. Are they light or dark lines? Those could be from the feed calibration. "Lawnmower effect" from bidirectional as artbot suggests could be the cause as well.

There would be some black in that cyan to darken it down to navy.. how do the black nozzles look?

Andrew O

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Good suggestions from the previous posters, here's a couple more:

What media and profile are you using? There is a feed calibration built into most profiles that may need to be overridden if you are not printing the exact media that the profile was built for, or the profile could be putting down a little too much ink for the same reason. Those sorts of issues can vary by color and will tend to show up most in mid-tones.

Also, have you updated the VP-540 with the latest firmware that adds Roland Intelligent Pass Control? With that feature and an RIPC-enabled profile, banding will be reduced.

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