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Over the last few months I have been researching printers to add to my shop. I have decided on a SP300i. I contacted a local dealer who right away started suggesting that I get a 54". I understand the pros and cons and have thought about this a lot, but have decided on a 30". No more on that. When I first talked with the sales rep he was saying the difference in price was around $6000. List price is $11595 on the 30" and $17895 on the 54".

I then went and met with him and a tech and was walked through some sample prints and features of the machine. Great. He also made clear that if I bought the equipment, they would come and set it up and give me some basic training as well. Great again, all sounds good.

Then he hands me two quotes, one for the 30" and one for the 54", and says "it looks like they are only about $4500 difference (again a push for me to purchase a 54"). I kind of blew it off becuase I'm still sold on the 30" and was watching the tech point out more features at the same time.

Well, when I got back to my office and sat down and really looked at the quotes, I found that they have the 30" quote $900 over list and they have the 54" quote $900 under list, this is why they are now only $4500 different in price. On top of that, the great setup and training they were talking about is going to cost me $1295.

Is this the norm for this type of equipment? I was really thinking I could purchase the equipment at or under list. And is the price for setup and training standard. Thanks for any input.


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First of all.... welcome from PA.........................

Second....... I'd look for another dealer. Sounds like someone is manipulating numbers to trick you and not have your best interests in mind.

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The only difference between the two printers is just that...the limits of a 30" printer, but if you do stickers and smaller jobs it's perfect, easier to handle 30" media, and 30" media doesn't hang over the edges of a 48" wide work table. As for the additional money for training & set up... I would hope this is NOT the norm. Get quotes from other Roland dealers and ask, I would say most dealers do not charge...this is called SERVICE to the customer....something "some" dealers don't understand.
thanks a lot guys. All of that is kind of what I thought. If I get good service on this sale, I would go back in a couple years to get my 54" (after kicking myself) so I would hope that this salesman is going to work with me.

He and I will be talking on Monday


Most likely he has the 54" on hand to get rid of rather then a 30". Doesnt sound like a good place to deal with, Id fine a different dealer, who knows what else he'd pull to his advantage down the road.


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Get another dealer & buy the 54, nothing like printing a 4x10 banner in 20 min & collecting the cash for it, with the 30 not only do you miss out on the 4 foot wide banners & signs, (which many signs are 4x8) you also miss out on the 3 foot banners! I urge you to think hard about the 54, the bigger stuff will make your payment for you if you are a regular sign shop. The guy down the street from me has a 30 & when his customers need something big printed in a hurry he has to come to me.
your right CiberSupply. I and the salesman had info on the 300v. The price of the 300i is $12495.

Bottom line is that he first came off the list price to $12,142 but would not budge from the $1295 intallation. I told him I had called and talked with Beacon and they do not charge an install fee and I'm hearing from others that that is un heard of. I also mentioned that if I was going to spend that kind of money I would make sure to look at all my otions.

He now calls back and says $13k, installed. List price and $500 for install. I told him I was still shopping.

I have a phone call out to the only other dealer I have in my area. I wish I could buy from Beacon, but a sales rep there was very helpful and will work with me on a Mimaki.

I'm ready to write the check, but not until I feel I'm getting a fair value.


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Be sure to consider the printer service you will be getting... If the other dealer is 200 miles away, it may be worth $500 to have the closer dealer for quicker service turn around.

The margin on the 30" machines are very low for the dealers. Write the check for $12,750 and fax him a copy... then call to confirm receipt and ask if you have a deal.

And as a SP300V owner
Buy the 54inch and be done
You will out grow 30inch very fast.

Spend a little more now.. then alot later


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I'm in the same boat getting quotes. My local Roland sales rep has the SP300i for 11,167 but also wants 1295 for installation and training. I have to buy the ink as well and they throw in $325 of material free. The Sp-540i is $15,995 - $650 in free material - I need to buy the ink and installation with 8 hrs of training is $1295. I was looking more at the VP series but since you were looking at the SP series these are the numbers I got.


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we have a sp300v and vp540 both came with set up and training included
and i am not sure on the sp300i but isn't the larger printer faster

we had our 30" for about 6 months and not only did we need an additional printer to handle our work load but that was one thing we should have listened to the dealer about was getting the 54" from the start


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That is the SP 300i according to the quote. They sent me separate quotes for each model SP 300i VP300i SP540i and VP540i.

I thought they were pretty reasonable once you add in shipping from the online vendors.