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Roland VG 540 arrived today.


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What ?? You can't get it through the door....... or you don't have enough space front and back to load and drop off prints ?? Do you own a tape measure ?? Where is your laminator, because without that, your printer is pretty much only good for a cutter only.


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i wanted to put in our print room but could t get it to fit. So now it will be in the warehouse.
I feel the pain, I had to put in a new door and of course it was a load bearing wall. Warehouse will not be great for the machine, temp, humidity, dust etc. Let me know how you like the machine, Mine is really putting out a lot of waste ink. But I do have white, but if I do a sheet cut after it went to sleep it will do a cleaning. 1000ml in just under a month.

Scott Sneddon

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I have the 7 color version not the white. First impression has been positive. The color of the prints are simply amazing. I added a couple pictures of our warehouse.


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Johnny Best

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This is a twist on the story of the guy who built a boat in the basement and then can't get it outside.
This story is more like marrying a fat chick and she can't make it through your bedroom door on the honeymoon night.
So it's onto the couch in the living room where her two teenage sons from previous marriages hang out. But, what she puts out is "simply amazing" compared to your last wife!