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Question Roland VG-540 / Versa Duel Slow Ripping


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We just installed new equipment..Roland VG-540 printer, GR-540 cutter and Versaworks Duel.
It's taking about 10 minutes once you send a file to the printer,for it to rip and start to cut.
We were using a VS-540 previously with regular versaworks and it was a lot faster.
Would this be a issue with older computers, RAM, Network, or the format which we are sending the file as. (.eps)
We are running the two printers and the cutter through the network. He had a new router installed and a new server. Any comments or input would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!


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If you were running fine on that computer before it should still be good. I am willing to bet you changed some preferences on the old setup that you forgot about and the new Versaworks is set to defaults. I haven't used dual yet but in the old versions you had to go into the preferences and change the setting for concurrent RIPing and concurrent outputs to get multiple machines running.


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You could try downloading Versaworks 6, which is the newest version- we just set up a RF640 and GR540 and it is working fine.


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versaworks 6 will do same thing unless you change the same thing in quality tab. I did notice some glitches in 6 with all of my cuts not showing up and cutting correctly.