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Roland VS-540 - black head with over-spray and missing nozzles

Andy D

Active Member
We just moved a Roland VS-540, and the black nozzles are missing about 30-40% & about 20%
of the ones that are firing are deflecting.

I have cleaned the head manually a couple times, cleaned via the printer several time...
and have soaked the heads for half a day, no luck.

I'm going to soak them over night and see if that helps,
just wondering if anyone out there has had better luck with another method..
Thanks for any help.

Andy D

Active Member
Was it okay before the move? If so a ribbon cable may have jogged loose.
You think? Here's pic of the Nozzle test:

Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
How long was it left unplugged? How long since you've replaced the cap top? Dampers? OEM ink? Did you check the cables?


DIY Printer Fixing Guide
I'd take some covers off and see if there are any major air bubbles in the lines. Moving the machine can cause this to happen sometimes and it might just need to be filled up. In some cases you can get vapor lock and might just need to manually pull ink through with a syringe.

Andy D

Active Member
Thanks all,
It was only unplugged for the trip to move it, about 4 hours.... as soon as I arrived, I put the ink cartridges in and turned it on.

I pulled ink using a 60cc syringe via the pump hose and crimped the other... no luck :(
Now I'm putting a cleaning cartridge in place of the the blacks and running a black box until
it turns clear-ish, & plan to let that sit over night...

Any other ideas?