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Can someone please confirm this practice. I have been told by the company that I bought our Roland VS-5400 from that repair service is prioritized by customers who also by supplies from them. I have been told that if my machine goes down, it may be two weeks before they get to fix it because I don't buy my consumables from them. Other customers that do buy consumables from this particular vendor receive priority service. They have told me that this is an approved practice direct from Roland. Can anybody tell me if they have heard of such a policy coming from Roland?
Is is just me, or can anybody afford to have their printer down for two weeks?

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Thanks Pat. I thought so. I actually have a number of emails that explain the policy from this vendor. I will be contacting Roland, but did want to hear from other shops to see if this is widespread.


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I can't speak for Roland as I am not a Roland dealer but with Mutoh warranties the servicing dealer is contractually obligated to service the machine within 24 to 48 business hours, depending on customer’s location. I would be shocked if Roland would allow such poor warranty service by their dealers.


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I agree, I would be surprised if this in fact is a Roland policy, however the vendor claims this is accepted and endorsed by Roland. I am trying to get ahold of Roland's customer service to get their comment on this practice. The funny thing is, I have told the vendor I would buy from them if only they had a catalog. I don't know what products they stock, and what their prices are. I have been told they sell everything, and all I have to do is call to get pricing. This may work for others, but we have a purchasing procedure, and this does not fit with our procedure. Now, I have finally broken our relationship, and wouldn't buy an knife blade from them, which means I probably have not repair support for my printer at all, which is a large concern.
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If you're looking for a word from Roland, We do not have any such policy. There is nothing in writing from Roland, official or unofficial, that states that a customer can get served when its convenient for the dealer based on a contract for supplies.

If you're out of warranty and the dealer doesn't want to service you in a timely manner, we'll simply refer you to another dealer. If you are in warranty, then that's a more serious problem and you need to contact our service department so we can investigate.



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Thanks Dana. We are under warranty. The machine was installed in November. We choose to buy from this vendor because of the service promises that were made. I have contacted Roland directly through the web site and I am eager to hear back from them. Thanks for your insight. I did not believe this was in fact a Roland policy, but the vendor actually emailed me this explanation. This is the fourth Roland printer we have owned over the last to years of so, and have always been happy with the company. The statement coming from the vendor was quick a surprise and opposite our past experience. Our problem is we are in a remote location in Maine, and do not have may options when it come to service. Thanks again for your insight, Dana. I will keep the forum posted on what we learn.