Roland XF-640 Carriage Board and Head Board compatible


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Please help, My Roland XF-640 carriage board have problem, I buy new carriage board but it is different number with my old carriage board old is: 6702048040 and new is: 6702048041 and it can not work with the Head board number 6702048020
Does anyone know what Head board number will work with new Carriage board number 6702048041?
Can I buy new Head board number 6000002178 to use with Carriage board 6702048041?


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6000002178 is the correct part number for the current head board for the XF-640. What was the problem that made you determine the carriage board had a problem? Also, what is the reason the new carriage board does not seem to be compatible with the original head board?

Joe House

6000002178 is the correct part number for the current head board for the XF-640
This part number doesn't even show up in the current parts finder.
6702048040 and 6702048041 are the current print carriage board part numbers for the XF. 6702048041 is the latest revision and should work without any issues if everything is correctly connected. (This is also the one used on the XT and EJ printers)
Other than that, Jim's questions are very valid? Your problem may exist outside the carriage board. I've seldom had to replace a carriage board. Head boards and cables and print heads are more likely candidates for causing problems.
Correct, 6000002178 does not show in the original service manual parts list for the XF-640. I have legitimate access to Roland R-Net and found the part number this way. In the exploded view for the XF-640, it shows 2 numbers for the headboard - 6702048020 (which is lined out) and 6702048021 as the current number. On R-Net, for some reason 6702048020 doesn't exist, however 6702048021 does, but shows discontinued and replaced by 6000002178, which is for the EJ-640. A later revision of the exploded view finally shows 6000002178 as an alternative head board part number. Convoluted path to find the current part number, to say the least. They have 2 in stock.
I agree with Joe that carriage boards are a very rare replacement.


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The problem is: when install new print head number 2 (on the right) to the carriage board, the print head will be burned (on the flex cable Front site) two head dead, head 1 still working. So I bought a new carriage board to replace, but it is 6702048041, I can not find where sale 6702048040. And I install 6702048041 to the printer and print head not work, I search on google, some web said 6702048041 is not compatible with Head board 6702048020 but not said what number is compatible. And I can not find where to buy Carriage board 6702048040 so I decided to buy new head board to use with carriage board 6702048041 but not sure what head board I have to buy
6000002178 is the correct part number for the current head board for carriage board 6702048041 for the XF-640. Do a google search and several vendors come up. What was the original issue that caused you to replace the printhead and carriage board? It is very helpful to know what led up to replacing parts...