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Discussion Roland XR-640


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Hi All,

Can anyone advise me how can I pull history report from Roland XR-640? I am newbie in print & cut, previously I have been working with vinyl cutters only, but looking to get into printing as well, so I'm checking used XR-640 in few days time and would like to get understanding of print heads condition by checking shot count. Owner of XR-640 does not have history report and I could not find any information in XR-640 manual on how to get that report...

And what do you think about attached test print?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks for you response in advance,


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Broome Signs

New Member
test print is fine

to get the report you need to
get into service menu

From memory

Number the 4 arrow s as follows


3 2


Turn the printer off

Then press buttons in this order 1 2 3 4

Then pres and hold down in order 2 1 3 and hit the power button