Rolled Our Roland SP-540V From One Room To The Next Room. Now It Prints Like Garbage.


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We had this printer running beautifully. Printing all day just about, every day, with no quality issues. We moved it into an adjacent room...literally, just rolled it very carefully from one room, through a threshold, into the next room. It did have a very, very slight bump to go over where the flooring transitioned from laminate to commercial carpet. That was it. Powered it up, and it just printed awful. Very blurred, colors running into each other, etc. Almost like the bi-directional adjustment was as far off as it possibly could be.

I checked the bi-directional adjustment and it wasn't too far off, but I did adjust a couple that looked like they may have needed it. I cleaned the heads, wipers, and cap stations (just installed these cap stations about 2 weeks ago), and did a power clean cycle. It printed much better, but is still not right.

It does this odd thing where it starts off really crisp, and then the quality gradually gets worse as it continues to print, and then it looks like it almost wants to clear itself back up. I'm attaching pics to show what I'm talking about. Prints fairly crisp, then blurs towards the end. Next row started blurred but seemed to be a little less blurred towards the end, and then it goes into the next job. I have two jobs nested here, and when it gets to the second job, it's still not great, but it is better than it was on the first job. Both of these jobs are something I have printed 5 or 6 times a week for months now, so it's not new artwork. This is also they same media I've been printing on for a few weeks, so nothing has changed. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!



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Somehow, it looks as though your encoder strip got dirty.... or perhaps the eye got jiggled too much.


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I agree with Gino. Clean the encoder and make sure the sensor is clean and straddling the encoder without touching. Also, what does the test print look like?


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That was it. Cleaned the encoder strip and it's printing like a champ now. I'm thinking it may have been more of an issue that it got out of place a bit when we moved it. Either way, it's working now. Thanks again!