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Routing CoroPlast...How do you do it?

Barry Jenicek

New Member
Yesterday, I tried to route a shape out of CoroPlast (3mm). The edges came out jagged and choppy.

So my question is...Do you cut CoroPlast with your router? If so, what size and TYPE of bit (Upward, downward, etc) do you use and the speed setting.



It's better to have two hands than one glove.
Try a bandsaw instead, preferably one with a speed reducer for cutting steel.


New Member
Years ago I made mardi gras decorations with cardboard.
we cut the coardboard with a jig saw and masonite blade.
When the blade dulled, we simply resharpened with a file.
The edges finshed really clean.

Will this work for coroplast? I've been wanting to try this but haven't had the need.

Tony Teveris

New Member
As it's only 3mm thick, I'd use a Radial Flute bit to eliminate the up-shear that a Spiral Flute bit creates.

The diameter of the bit would be selected by how much detail on inside corners you need. If you're routing larger, male shapes, I'd suggest a .250" diameter bit, 75 IPM to start, (you may be able to go faster)
and a Spindle Speed of 19K RPM.


New Member
The router will tear and shear the interior corragation in corplast no matter what you do. You can decrease it by keeping a sharp bit with 1 flute with a steep angle, slower spindle spped and a high IPM.

You will still have to clean it up with a knife.

If you plan on cutting a large amount, somebody makes a knife attachment for some routers. It swivles just like plotter.


New Member
you can cut stacks of colorplast easy. use the smallest bit you can at high RPM and mid cutting speed. if youre cutting one sheet use a blade attachmnet on your spindle. tangential


New Member
Hi Barry, I've had similar problems when trying to route the coroplast. My solution was to use the knife cut attachment at about 80IPM. If you have to make contours it seems to work great. For straight cuts I stick with the stand-up cutter and a nice sharp blade.