SAi dongle time-out issue on upgrade for Enroute


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SAi who makes Flexi, also makes Enroute for CNC production. I'm posting this in the Flexi forum, because I didn't see an Enroute section, and the issue at hand may be identical to how Flexi upgrades are handled.

I upgraded from Enroute 3 to 4 & was also needing to have compatibility with a 64 bit OS, so they told me there was a different key (dongle) that I would be upgrading to as well, for 64bit compatibility...

Anyway, there is a 40 hour limit to the initial installation of the program, because this allows me to use the old key on the old computer to get jobs out if the installation doesn't go smooth & there ends up being migration issues to work out.

In my case, things went smooth & after a few weeks of using the new system I was ready to return the old key. I was sent some passwords after they received the old key.

I guess it would have been smart to just set aside some time to learn what steps needed to be taken to enter those passwords & get out from under the 40 hour clock (40 hours of the program running) but I didn't do that... instead, I just filed the passwords away and did nothing.

Today a dialog box popped up in Enroute saying key timeout.

I assumed I would say "OK" to that box, and then be taken to a screen to enter my password. Instead, I said ok, and the program closed & will not reopen.

There was some other complicated files I was walked through copying from the old computer & installing to the new computer, so I don't want to re-install the program, but i don't know how or where i can enter the passwords.

I sent an email to SAi, and I will copy this post to my tech support team at Advantage sign supply, but I also wish I could resolve it tonight, so I'm posting on the off chance that it is a simple matter & that someone here has been through it & can give me advice.




go to programs enroute4 folder click on folder go to password and enter new password you my have to reboot


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in my windows start menu under the SAi Production suite menu
I have an option to bring up the "Install Manager"
When that starts it asks to enter the serial numbers or to run in demo mode for the SAi programs I have installed.
In my case its Flexi Pro - running under 64bit Win7.
Maybe you have this same option for Enroute?

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thanks Ed and Wayne.

Ed's idea told me I had a pasword already in place (the temp one that timed out, I guess) but Wayne's idea worked!!!

yea... I love this place!!