sail Flag wholesaler

James Chrimes

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We are looking for a company that wholesales flags that look like sails on a post. Does anyone know of a good source that will work with us so we can mark them up a bit but still be competive with every other supplier on the internet. Thanks for the help.


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If no other Merchant Memebers can help then you can call Micah at AAA Flag and Banner 714-448-0638 please let them know Josh Cormany sent you. Merrit Graphics might be able to help also.


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Just google 'feather banners' or 'sail banners'. You'll find quite a few suppliers. Just keep in mind that they are way overpriced. Crazy.

Look when you check them out....they're done on thin sail cloth material, and what's printed on the one side comes thru reversed on the back.
The suppliers will actually advertise that "Your graphics and logo come clearly and brightly thru in reverse on the back side".....Like that's a good thing.