Sandblast stencil lifting


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I have a couple spots of "U-Line" [HASHTAG]#623[/HASHTAG] sandblast stencil lifting off some HDU. I had taken it to the local monument company for blasting and the blaster-guy didn't catch it in time before it was "GrainFraimed" under the letter. Now I have to either carve it down, or built the place back up with some filler (ugg)...Anyhow, what kind of adhesive would you used to hold the stencil back down just long enough to finish blasting the sign? I need something on hand, so I don't have to order anything. Contact cement? Hot glue? Bubble gum? thanks
Turn down the pressure on the sandblaster. Use sharp (new) media. It also helps to prime before attaching stencil (or use a high tack adhesive stencil if you must blast un-primed HDU.