Seal 62 Ultra not going into forward or reverse


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Hey Gang,

I have a Seal 62 Ultra that powers up, heats up but will not go into forward or reverse....I think it has a bad emergency stop button on the right side which is not allowing me to engage to forward and reverse but I may be wrong so if anyone had a had a similar problem any input would be greatly appreciated



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I have the exact same problem. We just bought a used Seal Laminator 62 Pro S and cannot figure out how why it will not go into forward or reverse??? I don't think ours has broken E stops on top because the machine behaves differently when they are pressed then when they are not. Our machine will start to go into reverse then stop immediately. I have tried everything to get it to run but nothing seems to work.

Any Suggestions out there???

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Is there anything blocking the the safety sensor? Not sure how that model is configured but it may also be a blown fuse.


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do they move if you turn them by hand to get them started ?

Do the rollers pinch at all ( up down )

Does it advance or go back with no pinch or material loaded ?

Agreed , check safety switches,... is there a trip wire ?