Segway company owner dies in apparent Segway accident


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Wow. I shouldn't laugh, but the irony is just too much. It's like Dr. Adkins dying from a heart attack.


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Wasn't the guy that invented it, just some millionaire that bought the company a year ago. Dean Kamen invented it, the guy in the story is someone else.


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Right, this guy did purchase the company a year ago and is not the original inventor. Ironic, for sure. But I tried not to laugh too hard, he gave to many charities and such.


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Dr Adkins? Maybe he died from a Heart attack, I dunno.

Another Doctor, Dr. Atkins, of Atkins Diet Fame, died at age 72 from a head injury resulting from a fall on icy ground.

:doh:Two wheeled death machines... they should make a law or something:rolleyes: