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seiki plotter


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i have a friend that just got started , and they sent him a seiki plotter, and got signcut-x2 as software to cut with it , and also inkscape as a design program . is there anyone else that uses this plotter and/or software? he is haveing trouble using it and cant export any images, or text to the program, to send to the machine.

Thanks for any help. :thankyou:


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i am having the same problem and its doing my head in!!connected the plotter and signcut x2 software to my computer but am having that the sofetware cant connect to my plotter and i cant import i can open but then the vector isnt great!!have you had any advice as im going mad lol


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It is my opinion you normally get what you pay for .. i own a couple plotters and i by far vote for Summa plotters using winplot and corelDraw


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I had never touched a piece of vinyl or used a plotter before (3 weeks ago), had a tiny bit of experience with illustrator, got a summa d75r and use winplot with AI, and I haven't had any problems so far, easier learning then I thought, now I'm cutting peoples business names and lettering, and stripes.... learning something new everytime I use it, but so far I'm happy with the summa, glad I listened to everyone on here and stayed away from the cheap stuff


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I have a Seiki plotter. I am not saying it is the best, but it is great for what we use it for, and as a backup. So far we have gotten great cuts, complete cuts. Most of the errors we have encountered have been human related. The only one other issue that we once in a while encounter is that when we are cutting sometimes the vinyl will move, and ruin the cut. Other than that, it has worked very well for simple jobs we get instead of using our roland. It is also the one we use for our weekend flea market deal.

You just have to know how to treat them i guess, or to be patiant with them.

We have really not lost time because of it, or have we lost vast amounts of vinyl with it. It was a good cheap backup we bought, and it had just simply worked out well for us thus far. Let's just hope it continues to do so while we use it. Specially in our flea market deal.