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Select by Color


New Member
Seems like a fundamental feature, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to select by COLOR. So, I'm thinking that this is a missing feature because I've scoured the help and as many select functions as I can find to no avail. So, does anyone know a way or a script to perform this function? Seems like I am always looking for this feature, but it seems absent to me.


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Chris, Im assumming tat your referring to Corel? cant help you there, In flexi its as easy as a right click and select similiar color........or hit F and deselct the colros you dotn want to show.......dont know about corel.


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Chris. There is none. Mabye you should learn to use the object manager and group similar colors? This may effect layer heirachy, but it's a possible way around it


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In Cocut there is a menu on the same page and in the same column ( right side) that you set number of copies.



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Illustrator has that, as well as by stroke color, weight, and paint style....I was a Corel master in Version 5 but since Version 6 I have been a little rusty but I thought there was a style select option. I have Version 12 on my PC but I am on my Mac right now....