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Selecting by color


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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a way to select all the objects in a file that have the same fill color or stroke color. Like in Illustrator you have alot of selection options to get a hold of whatever you want real quick. I know that omega and signlab also have easy ways to select everything with the same fill. It's got to be there somewhere right? where should i look?



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AI is the only program I've ever worked with that can "select same fill" or "select same stroke" colors....etc.



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Omega can do that. I'm 99% sure signlab & flexi can as well, but I couldn't tell you where to look. I'd be very surprised if Corel couldn't do it too.


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Edit tab > Find and Replace > Find objects > Begin new search > Fills

should get you there

wayne k
guam usa


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as per Wayne K and also visually via the Object Manager: Tools > Object Manager...
...click the + sign to expand the layer; Ctrl-click the items to select all of the same colour then select any other colour in the palette to change them all...or perform any other operation on the selection :)


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hey wayne thanks for the tip, that find wizard is pretty neato although not quite as streamline as i had hoped but it will work for me.
hey whats up niner, yeah i love the object manager i use it all the time its just hard when you have a bungload of curves and objects all over the place ya know.