Seperating items in Corel Photo-Paint


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I have a pic with 4 people. I want to create a digital image with just one of the persons in the photograph. How do I seperate one from the rest. I have read and re read the Corel instructions and still can't get it right.
Any help would be appreciated.

Jim Kesler


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so i assuming you want to crop them out of the need to make yourself familiar with masking...

if you could post the pic, it'd be easier to see what you're looking to do, and easier to help you out....
Funny you should ask this - my teenage daughter recently needed to do the same thing. We loaded Corel into her laptop and within an hour she had taught herself to do it. I was amazed and asked her to show me how she did it so cleanly. All I remember is she went to IMAGE and selected CUT OUT and used a window that came up in there. She demonstrated it to me and was really fast at it. It can't be that hard.