Service manual for XC 540 ?


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I sent it out to the two that included their e-mail addresses. It's a large file (16MB) in pdf format. Good luck.


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:helpIf someone can help me with a service manual for an XC 540 I would be forever in your debt, sick of paying exhorbitant service charges to local agent.:Australia
Thanks in advance Geoff


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dasnootz- you might want to contact Fred about having this with the other
Service manuals in the premium section for download.


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XC-540 PROlll Service Manual

Hi Guys... please could someone send me a service manual for the XC-540.
I am trying to align the head carriage to the capping station and having no luck just blindly going through the service menu. email

Thanx in advance :thankyou:


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Service manual xc 540 needed

Hi, i am ari, this is my first time un 101, please could someone be so kind sending the xc-540 service manual too, it would be very helpfull


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Hi there,

i would like a copy of this manual too, if it is possible... i will be veryveryvery grateful!!:notworthy::notworthy:
I'm fixing my machine with a manual of other model. A lot of things match, but other are diferent...

I'm proud to say that I had change the heads by myself, so the dumpers, head conectors, fuse.... It is no complicated at all, but you must be very careful, always work with power supply off and touch the parts like you're catching a butterfly.
And there's no more secret!! you will save lots of money. :rock-n-roll:



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yes, i've recieved... thanks a lot!

Pat White,

ok, now I know what is a dumper.... :ROFLMAO:.... I would mean damper.

(I'm spanish...)


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XC 540 Service Manual

Can someone send me a copy of the XC 540 Service Manual? The Roland Tech that I use is on Vacation and I have a printhead that has to be replaced. I have a new printhead, but need help with the calibration.

Thanks in Advanced,


Belmiro Jr.

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Hi, could someone please send me service manual for Roland SP-540/ SP-300 / SC-545EX / XC-540 and VP-540?

Many thanks in advance.