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Shadow effects - again


New Member
Referring to attached image: the shadow is offset from the text in such a way that there is a cutout on the shadow (you may have to zoom in to see it). Can anyone tell me how this can be done in Flexisign?



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do a white outline on the front text, then select both the front text and the background text and do a "cut-out" so it removes that part of the background text. then you can remove the outline and cut the vinyl.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
You can also do it from the Shadow module but it takes longer to figure out which settings to use than to just do it the way Ryan_Long explained.


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The nice thing about doing it with the shadow module, is that if you need to change something with the text, you won't have to go through and redo the shadow.


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now that you know HOW to do it... it's a shame that you have to do it... can't really call them shadows flying off in 4 different directions


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No help with the cutting ideas, but is cafe (usually with an accent mark, don't know how to show in this dialog box) meant to be spelled caffe on the sign?