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For the last 6 -7 months, I have been researching large format printers. I am currently out sourcing my digital work; now the volume will justify taking the plunge and buying my own machine. I think I have decided on a Roland. I have searched this forum and found a lot of information on the Roland 54” VersaCamm and I have been to several on site demos, but I still have a couple of questions. First, I’d like to know the pros and cons of a printer/cutter compared to a machine that prints only. What do you like or dislike about your machine and why. I think a machine that does both would be convenient for prints that will not be laminated, but is it as convenient when you laminate? I’m considering a 54” VersaCamm or a Versa Art and a Graphtec plotter. I know separate machines require additional space. How much space is needed? Currently, my office is 400 sq ft and the shop is 1100 sq ft. The office is 20’ x 20’ and there is plenty of room for the 2 3’x8’ work tables, a computer desk, a light table and a plotter. The office can be renovated and a wall moved to allow enough space for the new equipment. How much space is actually needed to work comfortably.
Thanks in advance for your input.


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our printer room alone is 14ft x 20ft, the laminator is in a different room, along with the tables etc, we feel squeezed with about 1500 sq ft for production alone in the clean space, then have the shop on top of that and my office and the apparel setup, etc.....

thats just us, people can find ways to fit into any space they have if they need too, i know we are much more productive with room to move and breathe and not be cramped in.


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You can make it work, even if your space is tight. You just need to get creative. My printers are in a 40'x40 climate controlled area of the shop. I have plenty of additional room in the rest of the building and thats where all the dirty work gets done. It sometimes gets tight on space but that's because I would not sacrifice any space for my pool table!

I like and prefer my Roland print and cut SolJet Pro, even though it gets little use these days. Most of our printing is done on the UV flatbed. You're going to want one of those in a year from now :)