Should we call the location service?

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Took this pic the other day while on site - Do we still need to locate the gas and electric?


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It is always a good idea to ask for location anytime you are working in a not familiar property. Too many times, it has been costly for those who did not ask.


anything deeper than 18" has to be confirmed in most of our areas

plus a general rule of thumb, ALWAYS cover your back by having a paper trail.


What's the down side of calling it in? I'd wait for the call from the marking company and see if I could meet the guy on site, get some info on how deep those are and what they are.


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Always, always, always call the locator service! It costs nothing to do so. If you don't, and hit something... the costs of repairs to utility is on you or your next of kin. If the locator service fails on their end... it's on them, not you.


i hear NJ horror stories all the time
a contractor friend was threatened with arrest after hitting a gas line
state police were very nasty, until they investigated & realized his company HAD CALLED and the area was marked but the location service MISSED BY 92 FEET

always better to call