Shout out to Fire Sprints & their awesome "Fast & Free" coro deal.

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If you haven't seen, Fire Sprint has an awesome deal on (100) 12" x 18" single color, coroplast signs, with wire stakes & free shipping, single sided for $1.50 ea. double sided $1.80 ea.
They arrive quickly and were the cleanest screen printing I have seen.

Any chance you can expand on that deal for lower quantities?
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Andy D

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You are welcome.
I have a couple questions;
On other products, do you offer free shipping on orders that meet a minimum?

On full color coroplast, there's no way to do full bleed?
It's not normally a big issue, but I have some reoccurring jobs that we have been doing full bleed.

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Thanks guys!

Andy D
  • Free shipping is only available on select items with the Fast & Free logo. It's taking off and we have alot of products planned for it. Keep checking back as we have 2 major products we'll be adding in the next 60 days. We just started the program in the spring as kind of a soft launch. We'll add it to as much as we possibly can!
  • All our full color coro is available with full bleed! (At no additional charge) It's not something you need to specify so that's why the option isn't there. Just send artwork in that goes all the way to the edge and we'll generate the bleed for you all day ever day!
Once again, thank you for the feedback! I am glad you said something. I see how someone could think that. We'll make that more clear!