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Hello Everyone -
Can anyone suggest a basic sign design software package? I am very proficient in corel draw but am looking for a total package that will format the designs and output something that looks more like what a national firm might produce (format wise).. Know what I mean?

I also don't have much time at all to learn it as we're working a large proposal now.



Corel or Adobe will do the job. The formats you are looking for come from the designer, not the software. It's a skill.
SignManiac is right(I'm sure he knows that already). I actually am an Illustrator fan, but Coral will work as well. But it's got to come from you in the end.
wow - that was quick! thanks everyone.

I should have been more specific - sorry - I am looking for a program that has common textures and fills (like aluminum, etched fonts on glass, brick, that kind of thing) already loaded. Also would like something that will incorporate a nice border and info box on the final layouts.

Fred Weiss

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I think you will find you'll do better on an ala carte approach. Get Illustrator and Photoshop to compliment your CorelDRAW. Finish all outgoing files in Illustrator if they are EPS and you will reach the greatest compatibility possible.

The free goods you get with some programs are usually worth every penny you pay for them ... sarcasm intended. If you want textures and fills, we have over 2000 available that are as good as they get and will work with all your programs instead of being married to one. Check them out HERE and HERE.

For powerful vector editing, driving lots of different printers and plotters, and adding all kinds of borders etc., grab THIS DEAL of a used copy of FlexiSign Pro that was just listed today.


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I created a template in CorelDraw for the boilerplate around the proofs I email out as a PDF attachment. I also password protect the PDF so that the graphics can't be extracted by some unscrupulous competitor.

I only use "sign design software" as a bridge to get the graphics from CorelDraw to the plotter. Any "sign design software" I've used tends to be awkward to work with and the lack of anti-aliased on-screen graphics drives me up the stack.

I find that I can do everything I need to do in CorelDraw with less hassle and greater speed than anything else I've tried - including Illustrator. CorelDraw is sign shop friendly.



Question is who is going to make the signs? Mounting to substate, cuttting the signboard/plastic down, choosing the correct material for the different application, installing, weeding, laminating, the designing? More to it than some software., why not sub it.