Sign spinning market research??


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Hey, I was wondering if anyone here might know of where I can get market research data specifically for sign spinning/holding and other "human directionals" advertising. All I've found so far is very general info on the outdoor advertising industry, nothing specific to that though. Maybe someone here might either know where I can find that specific info, or better yet, have some recent #s on hand from your own research?

I've got someone to help compile the data into proper format, just need the data.




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I think the spinners make minimum wage working eight hour shifts and the better ones dance around a lot.


Strange what makes the world go round. Just because someone is standing there spinning a sign does not make me want to go there and make a purchase. However the numbers don't lie there is obviously something there in that business model.


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Thanks for the replies, but what I was looking for was locating sources for actual market research data, not employee/IC wages.


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Sounds like your wanting to make an end run around a company that already dropped the dough to have the research done.

Invest in a company to do the research for you or, do your own. I mean it can't be that hard to get some numbers that say what you want. Hell, I worked for a Market Research firm and I can make statistics say whatever I want if you tell me what you want the end result to be. Its unethical as hell but, its how the business works sometimes.

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