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Sign tools 3 for corel draw

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
I'm not familiar with it. I would see how it compares to the CoCut Pro plug-in for CorelDRAW. CoCut seems to be the most popular bridge program for driving vinyl cutters from mainstream drawing applications.

(I use Flexi 7 and EnRoute for getting artwork to vinyl cutters and routers.)


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i tried signtools once,, it was a waste of time. Cocut pro is the only way to go. ITs a great plugin making corel even better..


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Actually I don't Have corel, I ran across there ad and was wondering what everyones take was on it and if anyone was useing it or has used it.

Actually No I don't, But would like to know for future refrence..


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I've used signtools 3. It's not bad, pretty straight forward to use, adds quick effects to text(outline, inline,different shadow effects). Has other features I'm sure you already read about on their site. It's OK.

I would look towards Co-Cut if I had to do over.



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I'll stay with my money in Corel not a bunch of add-ons. I cut straight from corel & will learn how to create effects myself in Corel all them add-ons are just something else to clutter up my computer memory n my .05


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i drather spend myu money on some training cds',
Corel already has .
outline, inline, different shadow effects etc..


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I use Signtools 3 because I purchased it while I was learning to use Corel. I learned to duplicate many of its features in Corel but some of its features for text are fast. Would I buy it again? Probably not. It did, however, bridge rather easily to the old Roland PNC-1000A I am using. I still can't seem to cut from Corel.
Probably because I need to change ports.Right now, nothing is broke so I ain't fixin it.:cool:
The advantage of Sign Tools and Smart Design is the macros (automated effects) that can make things very easy. None of it is necessary, but if a person is new to Corel, it helps eliminate a lot of the learning curve, and even helps an experienced user save time.

I mention Smart Design instead of CoCut, because CC is a "bridge", where as Smart Design has the "features". A little known fact is the Smart Design WILL split the cost into three payments and always has "wiggle room" in the pricing.

We own neither, but have looked at them thoroughly, since their beginnings. I still think about Smart Design, because it is sooooo much more capable than the Sign Tools, and it would allow for me to have someone not as experienced in Corel (like the wife) do many things that I have to. (That goes both ways, when the either "half" does all of the layout and design, and the other is allergic to it.)

The biggest hang-up is people try and compare it with something like Flexi or Signlab, which are very good but they are not geared towards having pre-installed macros (automated effects), which greatly benefit the newer user.

As for Sign Tools, the effects they offer are very easy to use, and the those macros are very easy to setup and save. A cheaper alternative would be to get the book Learn Corel Draw in 24 Hours, by SAMS Publishing. One day of reading will give you what Sign Tools does, except for a cutting driver, which is nothing but an HP-GL driver, available anywhere.

If you are just looking for a cutting driver, another little known fact (never told by equipment dealers) is that schools do not/cannot afford sign software. They primarily use programs like Arts & Letters, and the generic HP-GL drivers.

If you are intent on spending some money (absolutely nothing wrong with that), call Smart Design and tell them that you are aware that they will split payments and that they have wiggle room (which often results in them throwing a bunch of decent clip art - that would normally cost a few hundred.) You will not regret it, and definitely will profit from it!

I hope this helps.................



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i did a 4 ft x 6 ft sign in corel yesterday. it was an oval logo 2 colors. I CUT IT OUTA COREL IN 2 SEPERATE CUTS PER COLOR(i paneled it basicly) and it fit together fine on the 4 x6 panel(atten....THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN..SOMEONE ELSE DID THAT)


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I mention Smart Design instead of CoCut, because CC is a "bridge",

Sorry,, Cocut is NOT a bridge program. never was and never will be.. It is a PLUGIN just like those used in photoshop to enhace the ability of the software... Cocut has a button to push right on the menu bar within corel that activates the next level. I use cocut every week all the time.
I used it from ver 9 and up to 13 now.
Ive tested them all. Dahidi cut, signgo, signwiz, ETC.. many of them unheard of by most here. A few of them are quite adequate for sign design. But to me Corel Draw with cocut pro is the winner. There is nothing I cannot do with this combo that any one else can do with their softwares. Yes even consecutive numbering.

There is NO exporting importing at all as you do with a "BRIDGE" program..

And just for the record. Smart Design at 699 plus shipping is way more expensive than cocut pro