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Signlab 7.1 price


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So how much does signlab sell for! I am intrested in purchasing signlab , I am presently using Artcut.:Big Laugh Every where you look on the net no one is listing a price unless you make a long distance phone call!


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you shouldn't use the listed price.. You should call your supplier and get the les than listed price.. There are specials going on all the time.. Just gotta play the game a little..


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I have just upgraded from Signlab 5 to Profilelab 7.1 a couple of weeks ago. I believe there is very little difference between Profilelab and Signlab. I received the updated version Friday a week ago, and to date have compiled a list of around 30 issues with the new software. I have been relaying the issues to the National distributor of the software. Some of the issues are known, some may be fixed with a new revision and some may not. In the last month I would have easily lost about 40 hours of production battling with the software issues.

My advice at this stage would be HOLD BACK...... DON'T DO IT YET!!!!!! A great program with some new cool features (Some that simply don't work) but let idiots like me help Cadlink iron out the bugs first!!!!!