signlab 8 saves files in the wrong directory...sort of


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I have sat here perplexed at times trying to locate files that I absolutely know I have, and saved at the time of making them, but mysteriously they can't be found.....

I think I have figured out why and how this is occuring. My old Signlab 5 never did this and I have never seen it happen in any other software I worked in so I wonder if it might be a windows issue (7 pro)...not sure but this is what happens...

If I open an existing file in a root directory of lets say abc customer and then I modify it and make changes...I then "save as" and give it a new file name. Now because I opened it in that directory, one would figure that it would save it in that directory.
Not my version!!! It goes and saves it in the last directory you saved a file in which in many cases is not the directory you opened and created the new file in.

I discovered this over time as I have found a pile of files in a temp directory that I use for files that are either not approved yet or have been broken apart and wait for cutting in a nested pattern.

I usually give the file names things like 001 or aaab, Once the file has been approved then I would save it in the appropriate spot after cutting or sending out for print.
What I found at the bottom of the list of files were the missing files I could not find in the directories that I could have sworn I saved them in...

I don't know if it happens every time, but to many times since installing version 8, I have had to go searching through sub directories under my customer files trying to locate where they reside.

It is something I dont really think about at the time of saving the file so I am not in the habit of seeing where it goes to save it. I will now keep an eye out for this strange way of working.


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Our copy of Vision Pro (rebranded Signlab) does the same thing, and it's at least 10 years old. I think CorelDraw does this as well.

I would be interested to know if there is some windows default to override this or something?

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Whenever I save a SL file, it will always try to save it to the directory it last saved something in...not the current directory. Same goes for opening files.

Absolutely maddening, I know.