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signlab text question

I am wondering if someone can help me with this.
I am having problems changing text and keeping all the steps done earlier.
For example: Say I have done some text, added a outline, slanted, and put on a shadow. Now my customer calls me in a week and wants 3 more stickers with different names but same style.
(with another software I can just double click on the font, retype new name and it will automaticly change all my steps that I had done earlier. But with signlab I guess I don't understand how to do this. When I click on the text and go to "instant replay" all the steps don't always seem to be in there to copy to another name. This seems way to hard of a process to change a name. Is there a easier way to change a name but keep all the steps that I had done earlier??
Thank you.


New Member
I don't know the software, but I know a little about business.. so I will suggest that you tell the customer a price that will easily allow you to recreate all those steps profitably.

If they bought several names the first time... & you let them off too easy on the price of 3 names this time... you will keep seeing them coming back for 2 or 3 names...

Even if you get the software question resolved... that's $3000 software... & you have been, are now, and will continue to be, spending a lot of valuable time learning how to make the best use of it.. those features should be there to make you more money... not to make stickers cheaper.

I'm not saying you aren't charging enough... but IF you aren't.. this is a good time to address it with this client. Are these directory updates for new tenants? These sort of maintenance accounts can be good & having a complicated style can be good for bringing the orders to you... you just have to set up the ground rules for making it ajob you are happy with when it keeps coming back.