Signs 365 quality/resolution and printing photos?


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I need some big decals printed that have a companies logo and some pictures of their work. These will be installed on the recessed panels & back door of Dodge's version of a Sprinter. I have professional photographs and a vector logo but I'm concerned about the quality that signs 365 will put out.

Does anyone know what resolution they print in? Have you ever had them rasterize a vector file before printing?

Before you suggest to "just call them", I want to say, that method has not worked for me in the past. I have given up on any kind of "support" from them. Signs365 is great, now that I'm learning their limits and have figured out their uploading system. But the last order I got from them has me questioning if this job isn't the type I should be sending them.

I just had a batch of decals come from them that I sent in vector but had obviously been rasterized. They will work for that job, but it's making me hesitant to send them this next one off.

This might be an ignorant thread, but I recently sold my printer and am learning the ins and outs of outsourcing.


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Regardless of how great the work we all do is, garbage files yield garbage results.

I would think that any trade printer would offer some guidance and assistance on a large job, and ensure that the resolution is sufficient for a decent result. Otherwise that's a lot of weight on your shoulders should you need a reprint. At least that's how it works in our shop, and I know Wyld operates that way as well-if something is going to look like poop, we call, and sometimes it's all they have and off to print it goes.

If you like your vendor, give them a call and check, no one knows their equipment, process and outcome like they do. That one phone call could save you a lot of coin and headaches.

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I send a fair bit of work to signs365 and never have any issues. I send all my files over as 300dpi .jpgs and things come out perfectly fine.

I don't know why you would be sending vector files to a digital printer. Since all the file will have to be rasterized anyway to even print them.
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Get a full sized, cropped sample of the print from them to check the final quality.
When I need to outsource I'm required to buy a proof from the printer or sign-off that I don't want one and will accept what they print sight unseen.
It works for both of us as I cover my end by having my customer sign off on the same sample.

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I use them for all prints and they do good stuff, sometimes there has been some janky stuff but once you let the chick up front answering phones know your not a dumass they reprint them